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We are actively seeking experienced technicians. Below are some of the qualifications.

Experienced technicians may receive a starting salary of $25 per hour.
Experienced managers may be eligible for salaries of $60,000 annually plus bonuses.
Technical skills will be assessed during the interview and hiring process.
Knowledge on phone specific repairs will be assessed.
Credit scores must be above 600 – no criminal records.
email me your resume:
text message me: 240-731-7654
Trust the experience and a company with history.

Can I buy your franchise business?


$5000 for smaller footprint with 500 square foot location.
$750,000 for an established turn-key location with over $2,000,000.00 annual revenue.
10% royalty + $500 per month & $1 per lead for marketing fees.
training provided, but experienced operators are preferred.
franchisor: Luxse Ky | 240-731-7654 |

How long have you been in business?

Over 18 years, since 2001.

What are some trends speculated in the repair industry?

20 Cell Phone Repair Industry Statistics and Trends

In the past, owning a smartphone was considered a luxury. Since 2010, times have changed. Almost 80% of Americans own a smartphone, while cell phone ownership rates have climbed to 95%. That has created the need for a supportive industry to be introduced to the market: cell phone repair.

About $4 billion in revenues is generated by the cell phone repair industry in the United States each year. Since 2012, the industry has been growing at an annual average rate of 5.5%. Over 8,000 businesses are currently active in the industry, providing employment opportunities for about 23,000 people.

The highest levels of industry activity happen in the southeast U.S., where 31% of current businesses currently operate. In comparison, just 14% of cell phone repair shops are located in the western United States, though California is responsible for 10% of all industry establishments on its own.

Important Cell Phone Repair Industry Statistics

#1. Almost 70% of the cell phone repair shops that are currently operating entered the market less than 24 months ago. A majority of these shops are sole proprietorships and had no previous experience in the industry before opening their doors. (Experimac)

#2. In 2014, over $23.5 billion was spent by U.S. consumers on replacement parts and labor for broken smartphones. The most common repair was a cracked screen. (Experimac)

#3. Apple iPhones retain about 50% of their original value when they are first re-sold. When it comes to an iPad, the value retained is around 70%. Used Apple products, even if they have been repaired, can sell for 6 times the price of other brands. (Experimac)

#4. About 1 in 4 iPhone users have experienced a cracked screen at least once while owning the device. About 50% of U.S. homes own at least one product manufactured by Apple. (Experimac)

#5. Around 60% of cell phone repair locations will also sell phone accessories, screen protectors, and defensive products that are designed to prevent damage to the phone if it is dropped for some reason. (Experimac)

#6. A simple class or basic certification is often the only thing that is required to enter the cell phone repair industry. Most courses are 3-5 days in length and cost $1,500 or less. (Flipsy)

#7. Simple repairs may cost as little as $15 to complete for consumers, such as a jammed button or a malfunctioning operating system. (CNBC)

#8. If you need to have your iPhone repaired by Apple directly, then expect to pay around $200 if the phone is out of warranty or is not covered by Apple Care. Even if it is covered, the damage must be classified as “accidental” to be giving a repair charge of $100 or less. (CNBC)

#9. About 30% of iPhone suffer some form of damage over the course of a year. The most common causes of damage include drops, falling into liquid, getting knocked off a table, falling out of the user’s lap, and having liquid spilled on it. (LifeLine)

#10. Men are 57% more likely to drop their cell phone into a toilet compared to women, though 40% of women admit that they’ve damaged their cell phone in some way while using it in the bathroom. (PC Magazine)

#11. Men are 70% more likely to lose their phones compared to women. (PC Magazine)

#12. People in the 25-34 age demographic are the most likely to have their phones stolen, while the 18-24 age demographic are 16% more likely to damage their phone in some way than any other age demographic. (PC Magazine)

#13. Outside of the bathroom, the most common places where a cell phone is damaged is the driveway, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the living room. (PC Magazine)

#14. 20% of cell phone owners say that they get frustrated with their phone because they believe it is taking too long to load something. 10% of cell phone users say that they have difficulty entering text with their phone. (Pew Research)

#15. 21% of cell phone owners damaged their device in the kitchen, while 18% damaged it in the living room, and 16% damaged their phone in the bathroom. In total, 51% of iPhone accidents actually happen inside the house. (CNET)

#16. Water damage is responsible for 43% of the liquid damage repairs that are handled by the industry each year. This is followed by soda (19%), coffee (12%), and tea (12%). (CNET)

#17. 6% of iPhone owners admit that they left their phone on the top of their vehicle, forgot it was there, and then drove off. (SquareTrade)

#18. 1 in 4 cell phone owners say that they had damage happen to their phone because they gave it to one of their children to use. (The Street)

#19. T-Mobile reports that 80% of the claims that are made through its premium handset protection program are due to either damage or loss, with drops and water damage leading the way. (The Street)

#20. The chances of the average consumer losing their iPhone to a thief is 5% or less over the lifetime of the phone. (SquareTrade)

Cell Phone Repair Industry Trends and Analysis

As cell phones continue to evolve, the technologies inside the case tend to become more fragile. Manufacturers are offering reinforced products that can withstand falls from 1-3 meters, but even that is not a guarantee that something may need to be repaired at some time. For that reason, the cell phone repair industry is expected to grow at 5% per year over the next 5-year period.

Are you offering MasterTech training?

We are actively seeking experienced technicians. Below are some of the qualifications.

Experienced technicians may receive a starting salary of $25 per hour.
Experienced managers may be eligible for salaries of $60,000 annually plus bonuses.
Technical skills will be assessed during the interview and hiring process.
Knowledge on phone specific repairs will be assessed.
Credit scores must be above 600 – no criminal records.
email me your resume:
text message me: 240-731-7654
Trust the experience and a company with history.

Can you match prices?

We can match any advertised prices online.

Cyberion. Home of “If you can find a better legit deal, we can help match it for you”.

Are you the same company as _______ ? They said they are affiliated to Cyberion!

We are not affiliated or partnered to:

TalknFix Arundel Mills Mall
History: Mr. Shiraz of Talk’n’Fix began as an employee of Mr. Shakir Tarapore as STW or ST wireless (shortened for Shakir Tarapore Wireless). STW was operating in partnership with cyberion, and evolved into Street talk then changed their dba name again to talk’n’fix. A Good company but nonetheless there is no affiliation or relations to Cyberion repairs.

Are you the same company as _______ ? They said they have the same colors as Cyberion.

We are not the same company. The theme for Cyberion was inspired by Mr. Shakir Tarapore and admired by Mr. Abdul of My Cell Phone Repairs (mcpr). Both mr. Abdul and mr. Shakir have much to teach. Below are similar themed stores as Cyberion but not directly affiliated to cyberion:

MyCellPhone Repairs Towson
MyCellPhone Repairs Mondawmin
My Cell Phone Repair PG mall
History: Mr. Shakir Tarapore has lessons on friendship, loyalty, and trust. As a blessed man whom Allah chose, may his lessons follow his footsteps through his children.

Are you the same company as _____? Their website had the same text and phrases as Cyberion.

Below are some more admirers of

us wireless

Catonsville, Maryland

5602 Baltimore National Pike

Catonsville, MD 21228

us wireless
Reisterstown, Maryland

5631 Reistertown, Rd

Baltimore, MD 21215

us wireless
Baltimore, Maryland

1727 N Rolling Rd

Baltimore, MD 21244

History: Brothers Usman and Atif were employees of Mr. Shakir Tarapore. The brothers have developed strong set of skills on how to follow others. “Copy / paste” is a high level of achievement for the brothers of US wireless.

Why are repairs so expensive?

Quality of repair.  Craftsman hands with a smile no matter how difficult it gets.

Quality of parts.  Trust me QUALITY of parts matter.  I don’t want to do it over 3 times, and neither do you.

Experience.  18 years of experience from a MasterTech.

Convenience.  Our customers understands that time is the one thing you cannot buy back with money.  Our customers are the ones that want to get it done right the first time, pay once, save time, and avoid hassles.


My repairs are typically completed within 1 hour.  If you’re planning to  spend more than one hour with me please bring food and your favorite beverage.

How to find us
Best place to park
Best place to park is in front of Burlington; there is plenty of parking available at all time.
You can also park in front of Neighborhood 1 #B Mall entrance in front of Off –Broadway Shoe store.

How to find us from inside the mall
Cyberion is about 2-3 minutes walk from the Arundel Mall food court tin the direction of Neighborhood one. And conveniently located by T-Mobile and Dress Barn and 5-Below.

Yelp is disruptive for mature companies
Cyberion repairs does not support Yelp because the company does well only for business that have been around less than 1-3 years. Who benefit from positive yelpers writing good reviews about the business is. After a business has been established for 20 years like Cyberion, Yelp is obsolete.

Yelp filtering system filters out some of the positive reviews due to suspicious location type. However they do not remove the negative reviews that have been around for several long years hindering good businesses.

New companies start off with zero negative reviews and hence rate higher even though they may not necessarily have higher performance or higher quality customer service. Newer businesses have not had the time to accumulate negative reviews to pull down there rating. Hence get a falsely elevated rating. Yelp should come up with a formula and use it generate rating that are more realistic.

And should factor in business performance over long durations of time. Business that have maintained high standards over decades and not just for short months or opening years of there business.

How to find us from Live Hotel
Mall Entrance # 2 located between Nando’s Peri Peri and Zin Burger. Once you cross all the food court tables make an immediate right towards Neighborhood one. Keep walking for about 2-4 minutes. Cyberion is located after TJ Maxx and right across from Dress Barn.

How to find us from Burlington parking lot
Enter Burlington through the parking lot entrance. Make way to the Burlington mall entrance and take an immediate left inside the mall. Walk all the way to T-Mobile which is located adjacent to Cyberion.

How to find us from Mall entrance
After entering through Neighborhood # 1 mall entrance. Take an immediate left and Go past Grand jewelers, Natural relaxation and AT&T. Keep walking further down past Scrubs & Beyond, Rue 21, 5-Below and Candy world. Cyberion is located across Dress Barn adjacent to T-Mobile.
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