Are you hiring?

We are actively seeking skilled and experienced technicians.  Below are some of the qualifications.

  • Experienced technicians may receive a starting salary of $25 per hour.
  • Experienced technicians with managerial experience may be eligible for salaries of $60,000 annually plus bonuses.
  • Technical skills will be assessed during the interview and hiring process.
  • Knowledge on phone specific repairs will be assessed.
  • Credit scores must be above 600 – no criminal records.
  • e-mail me your resume:
  • text message me: 240-731-7654

Trust the experience and a company with history.




years in business


phone screens fixed


phone batteries replaced


macbook and tablet screens replaced


laptop screens repaired


phones, tablets, and hoverboards sold




We are not affiliated or partnered to:

  • TalknFix Arundel Mills Mall
  • History:  Mr.  Shiraz of Talk’n’Fix began as an employee of Mr. Shakir Tarapore as STW or ST wireless (shortened for Shakir Tarapore Wireless).  STW was operating in partnership with cyberion, and evolved into Street talk then changed their dba name again to talk’n’fix.  A Good company but nonetheless there is no affiliation or relations to Cyberion repairs.


We are not the same company.  The theme for Cyberion was inspired by Mr. Shakir Tarapore and admired by Mr. Abdul of My Cell Phone Repairs (mcpr). Both mr. Abdul and mr. Shakir have much to teach.  Below are similar themed stores as Cyberion but not directly affiliated to cyberion:

  • MyCellPhone Repairs Towson – operator is Shakir Tarapore – shakir was an expert with marketing.  His technicals skills are limited but his marketing skills are amazing.
  • MyCellPhone Repairs Mondawmin – operator is sahil monsoor, he received technical training under shakir and myself.
  • My Cell Phone Repair PG mall – Malav Patel is the operator who also trained underneath of me.  his repair skills are recommended if you want to get the job done right.
  • History: Mr. Shakir Tarapore has lessons on friendship, loyalty, and trust.  As a blessed man whom Allah chose, may his lessons follow his footsteps through his children.

ARE YOU THE SAME CompAny AS _____?  Their website had the same text and phrases as cyberion.

Below are some more admirers of

us wireless

Catonsville, Maryland

5602 Baltimore National Pike

Catonsville, MD 21228

 us wireless

Reisterstown, Maryland

5631 Reistertown, Rd

Baltimore, MD 21215

 us wireless

Baltimore, Maryland

1727 N Rolling Rd

Baltimore, MD 21244

  • History:  Brothers Usman and Atif were employees of Mr. Shakir Tarapore.  The brothers have developed a strong set of skills on how to follow others.  Copy & paste feature is a favored feature among brothers of US wireless.  Indirectly, the brothers teach the rest of us to continue to innovate to be great again.  Copy and paste will only get you half way through the door.


Yes, below are some of the detials:

  • $5000 for smaller footprint with 500 square foot location.
  • $750,000 for an established turn-key location with over $2,000,000.00 annual revenue.
  • 10% royalty + $500 per month & $1 per lead for marketing fees.
  • Flat rate royalty can be arranged on a case by case scenario.
  • training provided, but experienced operators are preferred.
  • franchisor:  Luxse Ky |  240-731-7654  |

Can I sell or merge my business with CYBERION?


Up to $50,000 to help redesign your store to fit Cyberion’s theme.

Minimum of $1000 per month or 10% of gross sales for royalty.

Assurance of success and profit through tighter training programs and industry adaptive marketing programs. 

Come see why customers value us and are happily willing to pay $30-$50 more than others for our repairs.


How long have you been in business?

I’ve been in continuous this continuous field doing the same type of business since 2001.


What is your typical repair process for cell phones and computers?

  1. Customers schedule an appointment to receive a discount toward the repair.
  2. Your device arrives and receives a FREE complimentary 3-minute assessment and diagnostics.
    • Approximately 25 points of electrical, audio, & video inspection is performed and before any repair process commences.
      • power button
      • home button
      • the general condition of the 4 corners of the frame
      • frame bend
      • excessive dust penetration
      • excessive moisture penetration
      • home button function
      • touch id operation
      • 9 point random point random region test
      • front camera
      • rear camera
      • upper front microphone
      • lower microphone
      • rear microphone
      • LED flash
      • LCD display quality (distortion, partial failure, major failure).
      • digitizer (touch function) partial failure or complete failure
      • glass fractures (is it vertical, horizontal, or spider crack pattern)
      • tactile respond of power button, home button, volume buttons, and volume rocker
      • crack formation in rear camera or front camera
      • network signal strength
      • IMEI number, serial numbers, and any other identifying marks unique to the device.
      • moisture indicators that has been triggerred previously
      • missing or misplaced screws or parts
      • torn or missing cables or wires
      • the general condition of a battery and incoming electrical charge current
    • during the repair process, similar inspections and quality control assessments will be performed by a certified technician and another lead technician.
    • Each repair is assigned redundant serial numbers (derived from the device serial number, IMEI number, and the last 4 digits of your phone number for internal repair records.
    • Post repair inspection generally covers the following:
      • earpiece sound output
      • touch screen digitizer 9 points random region test
      • liquid crystal or OLED display assembly (ensuring no stuck pixels or discolored regions)
      • front camera output
      • ambient light sensor function
      • proximity sensor function
      • lower speakerphone output
      • upper (where available) and lower microphone
      • charge port and approximate battery health.
      • network signal relative to the pre-assessment phase
      • ensure the screws and parts removed are placed back and torqued to within 10% of factor specification.
      • A technician will annotate in his log if there are in variances or deviances to your repair process.
  3. 90% of Repairs are completed within 30 minutes.
  4. Services records are redundantly and internally recorded with the last 4 digits of your phone number, a serial number, and the part numbers.
  5. Because the repair process is extensively documented, Cyberion repairs surpass highest quality control across the region with regards to other cellphone repair facilities.

WHY are repairs SO EXPENSIVE?

  1. Our repairs will generally be $10 to $20 more than the other facilities within a 15-mile radius of our existing locations (with the exception of the apple store).
  2. We base our cost on parts cost and we add a 35% margin on parts cost. 
    1. Our labor rate is $65 per hour and billed in 30 min increments. 
    2. Our technicians receive over 800 hours of hands-on technical training before becoming a senior technician.  
  3. Having the correct pricing, allows us to maintain the margins necessary to keep our expense and overhead fair for the customer.
  4. If Cyberion pursues the “lowest prices” in the market strategy  compromises would result in the following:
    1. Quality of repair.
      1. lower quality repairs will have screws put back in the wrong hole.   when this occurs damages such as “TLSS” may develop.   TLSS (too long of screw syndrome) can lead to irreversibly damaged motherboards.
      2. missing screws may lead to premature structural and mechanical failure of the device.  the designers and engineers intended to put all 23 screws that held the system down.  an unqualified technician may be more inclined to leave a few out, thinking he was going to save some time and close it up before the customer has time to inspect the work.
    2. Quality of parts.
      1. our parts are aftermarket but built to tighter tolerances.  tighter tolerances mean there are less noticeable differences between the original parts versus the new part we install.
      2. The adhesive and glue that we use will not separate as easily as lower grade parts.  new shops will promise “lifetime” or “as many months that will make you happy” warranty.  We’re here since 2001, we’re not going anywhere.
      3. on some models our glass is fitted with Corning gorilla glass, this makes some of the repair done with the right hands to essentially be stronger and better than the original glass that was cracked.
  5. Experience – over 16 years of repair experience.  I’m certain there are skilled and dedicated technicians in the streets that can learn anything from a tech-focused youtube channel.  I commend and I’m happy for them.  I hope they also find the instructional youtube videos that I made helpful as well.  My former employees and “youtube sucribers” will offer $10-$20 less for each repair but you may want to put the _savings_ toward your headache and heart medication after the repair process.   The smallest mistakes and misunderstanding will typically compound into a complete phone failure or unpleasant functional flaw in the phone.   When the inexperienced folks ask for more time or ask to keep the phone overnight, you’ll know there’s something wrong with the repair.
  6. Convenience.  Most of our customers would not like to spend more than 5 mins to find the exact product they are looking for.  In less than 3 minutes, I’ll help narrow down the choices of from 25,000 different selections to 2 possible choices. 
  7. Cyberion customers are not the ones who spent 10 minutes driving around looking for a parking meter with 5 minutes left on the meter so they can save $0.05.
  8. Our customers want their repairs done right the first time, save time, and avoid hassles.