Samsung Galaxy Note 3 failed display assessment

Device coming in is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Incoming charge current is about 1.70 Amps. Furthermore the display is fuzzy and blurred out. In addition the device has a tempered glass screen protector installed on it. And it is taking an incoming charge current of 1.70 Amps. Usually when we press down on the power button we are able to see a power indicator or red light come on. However in this particular case its not coming on. So customer wants to see if we can help him out with his situation over here with his display.

We don’t know if we can help him out right now. But what I am going to do next is we are going to run a test with one of our parts if we do have it in stock. Mr. Alvi over here will pull the part out for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LCD. Right now we see the power indicator coming on. It is a red light so it is coming on. Most likely the battery is low as well. While we are waiting for the battery to charge up we will pull up out the part and run a 5 minutes test to see if we can help the customer with the issue.

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Samsung Gear S2 watch assessment

Device incoming is Samsung Gear S2; with model designationSM-R730A. The last four of the IMEI number is 4723. Most likely the customer is bringing it in because of the broken strap on it. Therefore we have to do the replacement strap on it which is a standard black color with rubberized feel to it. In this particular case we ordered the strap for her since we do not keep the strap in stock. We are going to verify the cost of the strap and give the customer a price cost based on the parts and labor.

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