Motorola E5 cracked LCD assessment

Device incoming is a Motorola E5. In addition we went ahead and powered up the device using customers advice and found that the Motorola E5 is currently taking incoming charge current of 1.50 Amps. Furthermore we covered the camera and audio there for a few seconds because we wanted to the give the customer his privacy while he entered the password there. The display is starting to power up and it is a Metro PCS device.

However we see that there are vertical multi colored lines that have formed in the medial aspect of the device. Almost 99 % of the time this is indicative that the liquid crystal display is going into a failing state. The digitizer itself is functional but there are spots in the left upper quadrant and flickering of the display indicating that it is starting to fail. It is like an old man that is taking its last breath.

Customers states that if we tap on it for a little the device stabilizes for a little bit but it is clear that the device is experiencing intermittent failure.

Battery level is at 76 % from what we can see. However the black spots are covering the left upper quadrant therefore we are not able to access the network signal strength at this moment.

I don’t think there is anything else that we can test. Lets access the camera and check on the camera quality. Ok! it looks like we cannot access the camera right now. In addition to the liquid crystal display the touch digitizer is also beginning to fail on it. As a result we are not able to test the front and back camera. The liquid crystal display is starting to go bad on it. And also the touch sensor is starting to go bad on it.

I looked up the parts cost a little bit earlier and it is not really that much. It is only 20 dollars for the display, glass and digitizer all combined in one. Furthermore we add 35 % mark up for parts cost which is about $ 5-10. And the rest of it goes into labor, which is about $ 69. What I can see with this device is that we will have t open the back panel. As a result apply copious amount of circulating heat with the hot gun. Then we will remove the front screws and the front panel leading to 2 or 3 connectors. Most likely this one will take hour and half. However we have to wait for the parts to arrive and it is estimated to arrive on Friday.

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