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LG V40 ThinQ cracked screen repair - Cyberion

LG V40 ThinQ cracked screen repair

Incoming LG V40 ThinQ cracked screen repair was diligently conducted by Master Tech. Luxse Ky.

I speculate customer was making scrambled eggs for breakfast. After cracking 7 eggs on the kitchen counter. He accidentally cracked one on top of his phone that was sitting on top of the counter. Surprisingly his little mistake cost him his LG V40 ThinQ cracked screen repair. Customer is confident it was the high grade egg quality that came straight from his grandfathers farm.

Customer’s gym trainer at Gold’s Gym Frederick told him about Phone Doctor. And he found us online while searhing for batteries plus Top rated cellphone repair shop near Francis Scott Key Mall.

If you need your LG repaired. Contact Phone Doctor Frederick today!
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