iPhone XS Max broken screen repair

We are resuming the assessment for the iPhone XS Max. We removed the bottom two screws. Consequently we are taking a look on the inside.

The internal components appear to be clean and clear of debri. Moreover there does not appear to be any moisture penetration. Hence this device would be a good candidate for repair.

As a result we will go ahead and order the parts. However no other functions or features can be tested on it because the digitizer has failed on it. Finally I have quoted the customer $ 499 for repair.

In addition customer Googled Cyberion from 21150, Simpsonville, Howard, MD while searching for “iPhone XS Max screen replacement stores near me”.

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iPhone 6 water damage repair

Incoming device is an iPhone 6; Model designation A1549. In addition device has a little bit of spotting over on the left hand side. Furthermore this is indicative that a little moisture may have penetrated customer’s iPhone 6.

Moreover customer’s iPhone 6 arrived with a completely depleted battery. The incoming charge current is 1.20 Amps. Device has four out of 5 bars of reception. The power button does work however the home button does look like it’s in a failing state. Furthermore the volume up and volume down button has positive tactile feedback.

However the camera cannot be tested right now because the phone needs to be reset initiated before other functions can be tested. Finally I am going to ask for customer’s permission to remove the bottom two screws before we can issue a quote.

Furthermore customer drove from 21150, Simpsonville, Howard, MD after his best friend highly recommended Cyberion due to fast service by skilled employees.

If you need your iPhone repaired, contact us today!
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