iPhone XS Max broken back glass repair

Device incoming is an iPhone XS Max; Rose gold in color. The device has a green line forming across the right hand side. Moreover it is radiating from the right upper quadrant to the right lower quadrant. In addition there appears to be black ink spill all through out the front region of customers iPhone XS max screen.

The incoming charge current is 1.10 Amps and the battery percentage is 90 %. However the carrier cannot be determined right now. As a result of the ink spill in the left upper quadrant. The tap to turn ON feature and the power button does work. In addition the digitizer is partially functional. Furthermore the volume up, volume down and volume rocker all have positive tactile feedback.

The charge port itself is fitting. However it is not very secure but it is not impairing any functions and it operational. Moreover the whole entire back glass cover is fractured. The rear camera itself does not appear to be cracked. However as we mentioned before the whole entire back side is cracked. Finally there are no obvious dents or chips in the frame.

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iPhone 5 broken front camera repair

The front camera looks like it is Ok since it is showing an image but it is a little blurry around the lighting. As a result of being exposed to outside environment for too long. Therefore dust has accumulated in there.

However replacing the or cleaning the camera should help. If we are not able to improve the symptoms by cleaning. Then we will surgically replace the camera. Consequently the charge for replacing the camera is $ 30 and 27 minutes.

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