iPhone XR broken back glass repair

Device incoming is an iPhone XR; Red in color. In addition the rear aspect is cracked. However the rear camera is intact and does not appear to be cracked. The power button is operational. Moreover the volume up and volume down button does have positive tactile feedback.

Incoming charge current is showing at 1.0 Amps and the battery percentage level is 1%. Furthermore this is a Sprint device. Gross examination of the device revealed iPhone XR cracked screen that is more pronounced in the right upper quadrant.

In addition the concerning point is that the digitizer has failed already. It doesn’t seem to be responding at all with the exception of upper right hand quadrant but that’s about it. Finally I am going to ask for customer’s permission to remove the bottom two screws. As a result lift up the front panel and take a look on the inside to see what we can do to help the customer.

Furthermore customer stated she found Cyberion on Google while searching for Top ten iPhone broken screen repair near 21113, Odenton, Anne Arundel, MD.

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iPhone X broken screen repair

Device incoming is iPhone; black in color. In addition the rear camera does not appear to be cracked. Furthermore the incoming charge current is about 1.80 Amps and the battery level is at 28%. Moreover this is a T-Mobile device.

The tap to awake is working and the power button is functional. The digitizer is functional across a random 4 point regional rest. Furthermore the volume rocker is responsive. The volume up and volume down buttons have positive tactile feedback.

It looks like the ear piece is working. I am going to try and activate the camera if I can. We are unable to test out the camera just yet. However the digitizer is working across the whole entire region. In addition the LCD is also fully functional.

Customer stated she Google Cyberion from 21113, Odenton, Anne Arundel, MD and booked an appointment after seeing 800 plus 5 star reviews.

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