iPhone X cracked screen repair

Device incoming is an iPhone X; glossy black in color. In addition the rear camera does not appear to be cracked and the front camera does not appear to be cracked either. Furthermore the power button is functional.

The battery level is about 20 % and device is taking an incoming charge current of 1.6 Amps. Moreover the rear and front camera both appear to be functional.

Gross examination of the whole entire region of the phone. The sides do appear to be in good condition. However with the exception of this small chip over here in the left lower quadrant and left upper quadrant.

Furthermore the charge port does appear to be fitting snuggly and the bottom two screws are present. The volume up and volume down button does appear to be have positive tactile feedback. Moreover the volume rocker also appears to be functional.

We will go ahead and unlock the phone. As a result test the speaker, Mic and ear piece. Testing testing one two three, lets go back and play that. Ok! upper Mic and lower speaker does appear to be functional.

Finally I suppose the only two major things I noticed is the cracks in the left upper and left lower quadrants. The face ID does appear to be functional and the digitizer is passing a random 6-point regional test. Furthermore device has four out of 5 bars of reception. The Wi-Fi is also working well and the LCD itself is looking like its in great condition.

There is tempered glass screen protector. Therefore we are not able to test the crystal quality just yet but over all the entire phone is in good condition. We do have access to the phone hence let’s test the proximity sensor. In addition the proximity sensor does appear to be working well and the earpiece itself does appear to be working well. And the earpiece is also working well.

Lets test the face time; the face time turned on briefly so it is working well. Finally we will go ahead and conclude the assessment at this time. Customer found Cyberion on Yelp and booked an appointment online at www.mycyberion.com due to 5 star reviews.

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