iPhone X cracked back glass repair

Chief complaint

“I cracked my iPhone X back glass”.

History of present illness

Customer presented one year old iPhone X; white in color. In addition to the chief complaint of a fractured back glass. Furthermore, customer states she was renovating her house when her iPhone X fell and fractured in the posterior aspect of the phone. Customer is a regular at Cyberion and her entire family exclusively uses Cyberion Arundel mall location for their iPhone accessories, diagnostics and repair. Therefore, customer immediately made an appointment online @mycyberion.com and arrived within 24 hours.

Surgical history

Device does not have previous surgical history.

Diagnostic Tests

Chief tech. Yotinh started Stage one diagnostics (ST1D) as soon as the customer arrived with the fractured iPhone X. Findings during ST1D revealed an irreversibly damaged back glass on the peripheral aspect. As a result iPhone X internal components are partially visible. Further analysis of the phone confirmed other components and functions are unremarkable.


Irreversibly damaged back glass requiring immediate surgical attention.


Consequently, Chief tech. Yotinh proceeded to transplant surgery and implanted a new back glass within 30 minutes. Finally, associate tech. Alvi performed post surgical 25- point inspection and confirmed device is fully functional before discharging it.

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