iPhone X broken rear camera lens assessment

Master tech:
Device incoming is an iPhone X; black in color. In addition the rear camera does appear to be cracked and fragmented. Device is missing a piece from the rear camera lens. As a result this may cause a little bit of image distortion especially with all this dust around the inner lens. Furthermore customer’s iPhone X is taking an incoming charge current of 1.6-1.70 Amps. The battery level is about 53% and the power button does appear to be functional.

So the lower half does not work only the upper portion is working. Due to the crack in the lower region everything in the lower region does not work. Example if you hit zero it does not respond. However if we hit number two it responds.

Master tech:

Customer has also provided feedback indicating the lower half of the screen has failed digitizer. Most likely it extends from the number fours, five, six and downwards. As a result of the fracture in the lower region the digitizer may have failed. Therefore only the upper half of the screen is working right now

At this point we will continue on with the assessment now. The charge port does appear to be fitting snuggly. We are not able to test other functions and features because we are not able to scroll up.

The rear camera does have little bit of spotting. Most likely this can be resolved by replacing the rear camera itself. However it is not imperative right now for the function of the phone. Therefore we will put that in a separate quote all together.

The volume up and volume down button does exhibit positive feedback. We know this because it snaps pictures when we press down on them in the camera mode. Last I checked it was two bars out of four bars of reception; this is a Sprint device.

Recall that the iPhone X backside is made of glass and it has completely cracked on this device. At the same time its mostly cosmetic and will not affect the operation and features of the phone. Right now we will focus on the front panel over here and the liquid crystal display part that we do have come with the digitizer, liquid crystal display and glass together. Once we repair that the touch function should be repaired. As a result we will be able to test other functions and features.

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iPhone X broken rear camera lens assessment part # 2

We are continuing our assessment for the iPhone X. Looks like the interior is in much better condition than the exterior. The inside looks clear and free of debri and does not show any moisture or debri penetration. Furthermore the cables do not appear damaged. It has a normal bent of kink in the upper cable.

Over all there is no excessive dust or excessive moisture. Most if not all the screws are intact. In addition we are looking at the front assembly and the lower portion as well. The parts we plan on installing fits over here. Moreover we have a matching part for the customer and five an estimate of over $ 250 and approximately about an hour to do.

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