iPhone X broken back glass repair

Incoming device is iPhone X; Black in color. In addition the rear camera lens does not appear to be cracked. However the back glass is cracked near the upper rear camera lens. Moreover the bottom right and bottom left hand corner are also cracked radiating all the way to the top. 

Furthermore examination of the lower extremities does confirm the bottom two screws are present. However the charging port is a little loose but it is still allowing for an incoming charge current of 1.60 Amps.

In addition gross examination of the front reveals a crack in the right upper quadrant. But customer’s iPhone X is still passing a random 6-point digitizer test. Moreover the front camera and rear camera are both working. The power button, volume button and volume rocker all give positive tactile feedback. This is a Sprint LTE device.

Finally we will go ahead and take a look at parts cost and issue a quote to the customer. Furthermore customer was at a hiking trip in Colorado when a rattlesnake jumped and bit him. Luckily his phone took the hit and he survived the attack. Consequently when he got back home his girl friend booked an appointment for him at Cyberion from 21060 Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel, MD.

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iPhone X Cyberion exclusive screen protector service

Device coming in is an iPhone X; White in color. In addition the rear camera does not appear to be cracked. Furthermore customer is coming in for our exclusive tempered glass screen protector.

Therefore ew will be providing the instillation for the customer and the entire process will take about 3 minutes. First we use the prep solvent to clean out the screen thoroughly because the adhesive is strong.

In addition customer had a screen protector before but it’s starting to crack and come off. As a result we will be using our Cyberion exclusive screen protector. Again the whole process will take about three minutes.

Furthermore customer stated he took his hammer proof screen protector literally. Consequently he hammered it and fractured it. Therefore he got online and searched Yelp for top iPhone repair stores from 21060 Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel, MD and immediately booked an appointment online.

If you need your iPhone repaired, contact us today!
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