iPhone X blacked out LCD repair

Incoming device is an iPhone X; space grey in color. In addition the rear camera is not cracked. However the rear glass cover is cracked and the incoming charge current is 1.0 Amps.

Furthermore the display looks completely blacked out. But it does not have any visible cracks.

The power button, volume button and volume rocker does have positive tactile feedback. In addition the charge port does appear to be fitting snuggly. However none of the other key operations can be tested since the screen is blacked out.

Customer sent single over here to locate his phone and it does look like it is pinging and ringing but the display itself is not functional. Therefore we will look up parts cost and issue a quote to the customer.

Furthermore customer stated she woke up in the morning to find her device randomly blacked out. Consequently her dad who is a regular at Cyberion booked an appointment for her online from 21041, Ellicott City, Howard, MD.

Cyberion Ellicott City can be found by searching cellphone repair 21041, Ellicott City, Howard, MD near me.

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