iPhone 8 cracked screen assessment by Master tech.

Device incoming is an iPhone 8; Rose gold in color. In addition the rear camera does not appear to be cracked. However the screen is cracked in the left upper quadrant on the back. The bottom two screws are present and the charge port is fitting snuggly. Device is currently taking an incoming charge current of 1.30 Amps. Furthermore the rear camera is functional and the front camera is also functional and looking great.

Device has a fracture across the bottom of the screen across the home button. Actually all four quadrants have cracks. And there are deep scratches all throughout the front of the screen. The power button, volume up, volume down button and volume toggle have positive tactile feedback. Moreover it is a Spring device with two bars out of four bars four reception and sitting at 57% battery level.

The home button and touch ID are not testable at this moment because it does not have a password. Therefore we able to get right inside without a touch ID. Touch ID is not tested at the moment. However one last test we will perform is the 611 test. As a result we can hear the ear piece working and while we cover up the phone the proximity sensor does appear to be functional. This is the first time that the device is coming in for repair.

We wont open the phone right now because we have a few others customers waiting in line. Hence we will look up parts cost and issue a quote to the customer.

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iPhone 6 plus administrative lock assessment

Device incoming is an iPhone 6 plus. Furthermore customer has requested us to go past the administrative lock and clear out all the software in order for them to get to the iCloud password section. Once we get to that area we will have earned $ 30 for the labor for doing it. Otherwise we will go ahead and issue a full refund of $ 30 if we cannot get into iCloud password entry menu.

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