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iPhone 7 plus cracked screen repair - Cyberion

iPhone 7 plus cracked screen repair

Incoming iPhone 7 plus cracked screen repair was diligently executed by Master Tech. Luxse Ky within 27 minutes and discharged to the customer in good health.

I speculate customer was at the gym helping his brother with his weight training. In between sets customer got side tracked and started texting his girlfriend. As a result his brother ended up dropping weights on himself. Customer’s brother was so angry he snatched the phone from his hands and slammed it on the ground. Resulting in his iPhone 7 plus cracked screen repair.

Customer works at Cracker Barrel and was referred to Phone Doctor by his fiance. Consequently he found us online while searching for fast cellpone repair shop near me.

Fix my phone is now Phone Doctor powered by Cyberion Repairs.

If you need your iPhone repaired. Contact Phone Doctor Frederick today!
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