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iPhone 7 plus broken screen repair - Cyberion

iPhone 7 plus broken screen repair

Customer visited Phone Doctor with the chief complaint of his iPhone 7 plus broken screen repair.

I speculate customer was visiting his brother over the weekend. And started to sneeze a lot in reaction to brothers pet cats. Coincidentally he developed chest pain so he rushed to the Hospital to get checked.
Unfortunately he was suspected of Coronavirus and subjected to a bunch of tests while being kept in isolation. Customer nervously started pacing across the room. And accidentally dropped his phone resulting in his iPhone 7 plus broken screen repair .

Customer’s aunt works at iHop, Frederick MD and highly recommended Phone doctor now powered by Cyberion Repairs. Due to skilled and knowledgeable employees.

Master Tech. Luxse Ky operated on customer’s phone fractured screen repair. And discharged it to customer is good health within 35 minutes.

If you need your iPhone repaired. Contact Phone Doctor Frederick today!
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