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iPhone 6 plus Cracked screen repair diagnostics - Cyberion

iPhone 6 plus Cracked screen repair diagnostics

Incoming iPhone 6 plus cracked screen repair diagnostics was diligently performed by Master Tech. Luxse Ky, the owner and operator at Cyberion repairs for 20 years.

I speculate customer was dancing at his friends wedding when he got a little tipsy and tripped over his girlfriends high heel. When she tried to pick him up she slipped and fell on top of him. During the process she accidentally stepped on his coat with her high heels. Unfortunately his iPhone 6 plus that was safely sitting inside his coat suffered a cracked screen.

In addition customer’s wife told him about Cyberion repairs told him about us. Finally she found us online while searching for batteries plus Top rated cellphone screen repair near me 21077 Harmans Anne Arundel MD US.

If you need your iPhone repaired. Contact us today!
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