iPhone 6 plus proximity sensor diagnostics

We are finishing up a repair here for Miss Gina. iPhone 6 plus testing the proximity sensor. And the proximity sensor does work. We are going to test out the earpiece as well. And the earpiece does work. Device looks great so far and the last thing we are going to test is the speaker and it sounds great.

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iPad mini screen protector

OK the device is iPad mini the customer is here to pick it up. Furthermore he has decided to get a tempered glass screen protector for $ 39.99. She was referred by a customer that is always coming in here. We weren’t able to repair her friends phone but we were able to get a referral.

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Orange clamp for iPad mini

We are using this orange clamp that rotates left or right. Sometimes we will need the mat for the back camera protrusion. As a result it doesn’t sit flushed. When everything is flat and leveled we can stick inside with ease. However before we stick it inside the clamp we are going to check all four corners to make sure the lip isn’t stick off at any of the four corners. If the lip is sitting too far off then. If the lip is sitting too far off or misaligned in the four corners. Then we will immediately get a crack in the corner. Now we will place it in the center of the mat. Now we loosen the knob and gently lower down the lever. Once the lever is all the way down we will tighten the knob all the way until it stops. When it stops we will lift the lever up partially and turn the knob about half a turn clock wise about 180 degree turn and we will leave the device in there approximately 10 minutes.

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