iPad mini digitizer replacement

Here is lady tech. Natalia. She is helping prep the surface of the an iPad mini. She is doing excellent Grade A job here cleaning off the adhesive. Getting the adhesive removed and removing any stray particles is the key factor to align the new adhesive to adhere properly to the frame. Likely this repair will be one of the best iPad repairs of all times. Moreover it’s getting done in record time as well.

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iPad mini digitizer replacement part # 2

We are removing the plastic film from the existing adhesive. Try to do your best not to touch the digitizer. There are sensitive electronics in there. Normally I would use my nails but since I am wearing rubber gloves on I cant use my nails. Therefore I am using the pry blades. We don’t want to dig to deep in because it could chip the paint.

The rubber gloves also helps in preventing to leave behind any residues on the glass. Now this connector here is one of the toughest connecters around because the pins are very delicate for the iPad mini. We have to inspect these pins ahead of time because sometimes And another problems is that sometimes these pins come bent from the manufacturer. Once these pins are bent the whole entire iPad mini is gone. At this time point we are going to power it up and test it. So we see that the LCD firing up and in good condition. While its firing up we will install the screw indicated in the video.

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