iPad mini cracked digitizer replacement

We are going to try and service an iPad mini over here. The digitizer is fractured. However LCD which is the display underneath is in good working order. Battery is at 92 % and everything is in good working order. We have pre heated the heat gun, gloves on and glasses on to protect our eyes. We have the pry blade in hand. At this point we only need one blade.

This area here is where the cable is at so we will try and penetrate it clock wise from here and lift it up counter clockwise towards the home button. We are going to pre heat everything. If everything goes well we should be able to life up the digitizer in about six minutes window so the video will keep playing for about 6 minutes. We have a little bit of blade penetration at the top already. So we are going to try and hit it at this angle as well. We are separating the top glass. We don’t want the blade to go any deeper than wherever the black borders are at. As a result limiting the chances of damaging any components on the inside.

At this stage we still want to keep the display on so that we can test to see if any damage has occurred. If any damage has occurred we will have to be prepared to replace the LCD as well on top of the display.

The heat helps to release the adhesive that’s when you gradually and gently pull it out. Remember here we let the heat do as much work as possible. After we get it up this far. This is where we are going to power down the device. It is important to over it down before we severe this cable. Because sometimes the iPad minis will fail just because we did not power it down. Ok! so we have got it opened. How much time has elapse so far? Five minutes.

So to open up a typical iPad mini adhesive with this type of crack with mild to moderate cracks about five minutes. However if there are more cracks it will take longer to open up but this one did not have as many cracks so it took about five minutes. While the adhesive is still warm and soft we will take a blade and remove all the excess pieces of glass. Before careful not to chip and crack the LCD. So the adhesive comes out nice and easy while it adhesive is hot from the heat gun heat. Once it cooks down it gets real tacky again and it becomes hard to peal off. So it’s important continue moving fast as you go along.

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