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iPhone 7 plus cracked screen repair - Cyberion

iPhone 7 plus cracked screen repair

Customer booked an appointment over the phone and requested for Master Tech. Luxse Ky with 20 years of cellphone repair experience. His chief complaint is his iPhone 7 plus cracked screen repair.

I speculate customer had a package delivered to his apartment. As the delivery guy was walking back to his truck, customer noticed that the delivery guy was coughing and sneezing. Customer grew suspicious that he may be infected with Coronavirus. And might have contaminated the surface of his package. Consequently he dumped his package out the window for his personal safey. However he accidentally threw his iPhone along with the package. Customer’s iPhone crash landed on the ground from the 5th floor resulting in iPhone 7 plus cracked screen repair.

“Keep your cellphone away from public contact since it has high probability to make contact with your face multiple times per day”.

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