Verizon Galaxy S7 broken battery replacement

Incoming Verizon Galaxy S7 broken battery repair was diligently performed by Expert Tech. Khanh. And succesfully discharged to the customer within 37 minutes.

I speculate customer was at the Hospital getting a blood test done. When the nurse started coughing and accidentally sneezed on customer’s hand and Verizon Galaxy S7. Customer immediately reached for her hand sanitizer and sprayed down her hand and phone. Unfortunately customer went over board and literally drowned her Galaxy S7 in hand sanitizer resulting in her Verizon Galaxy S7 broken battery replacement.

Furthermore customer stated she takes Coronavirus threat seriously and strictly follows the mask and hand sanitizer rule.

Customer was referred to Phone Doctor by the Verizon store, Frederick MD. And rated us a 5-star cellphone repair facility.

If you need your Samsung repaired. Contact Phone Doctor Frederick today!
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