iPhone X vertical white line on screen repair

Incoming device is iPhone X; White in color. In addition the rear camera lens does not appear to be cracked. However it does look like the back glass cover is cracked in a spider pattern form the lower left hand to the upper right hand corner.

Furthermore taking a look at the bottom of the device it does look like the bottom two screws are present and the charging port is sitting snug. Hence allowing for an incoming current of 1.30 Amps. The LCD is showing signs of damage indicated by the white vertical line running across the screen.

Moreover the power button, volume button and volume rocker are all sitting smoothly. In addition it does look like there is fragmentation in front of the ambient light sensor. However we are not able to test the front camera for some reason. In addition the digitizer does pass a random 4-point regional test.

As a result I will ask the customer to unlock the device to check and see what’s wrong with the camera. The rear camera is working but the front camera is a little foggy.

Furthermore customer stated damage occurred after he dropped his Rolex watch on top of his iPhone X. Therefore he searched Google for High rated cellphone repair store near 21250 Baltimore, Baltimore City MD and booked an appointment at Cyberion due to 800 plus Google reviews recommending Cyberion for his iPhone repair.

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