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iPhone 7 blacked out screen repair: 2011 - Cyberion

iPhone 7 blacked out screen repair: 2011

Kendra presented a iPhone 7 with severely cracked screen and fractures in every possible location. I speculate customer was passing by a construction site when she dropped her iPhone 7. And a land roller went over it before she could back track and find it again. Master Tech. Luxse Ky. generated customer’s ticket for cracked screen repair diagnostics @ $34.99 and advised Kendra if her iPhone 7 comes back to life then she pays the remaining charge for cracked screen repair. Otherwise Kendra just pays the $34.99 diagnostics fee.

Interestingly Kendra heard about Cyberion repairs on a public bus on the way to work. The gentle men sitting next to her had recently done battery plus cracked screen repair at Cyberion repairs and had a very positive results.Master Tech. Luxse resolved the Kendra’s iPhone 7 cracked screen and brought it back to life in 27 minutes.

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