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Galaxy S6 Edge broken motherboard repair assessment - Cyberion

Galaxy S6 Edge broken motherboard repair assessment

Incoming Galaxy S6 Edge broken screen repair assessment is conducted by Master Tech. Luxse Ky. Customer stated symptoms started randomly without his Galaxy S6 Edge falling or being exposed to liquid. Consequently he searched online for batteries plus cellphone repair shops near me and found Cyberion repairs.

Customer has taken very good care of his Galaxy S6; Phone is in very good condition. However he is arriving today due to the lag time in the touch screen. Master Tech. Luxse Ky speculated motherboard is starting to fail and causing the processor to log up. He advised customer to replace information that needs to be cleared out with any software update.

Master Tech. Luxse Ky quoted the customer $ 199 for the repair and approximately 1.5 hours

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