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Galaxy S8 broken screen repair evaluation - Cyberion

Galaxy S8 broken screen repair evaluation

Incoming Galaxy S8 broken screen repair evaluation was executed by Master Tech. Luxse Ky with 20 years of repair experience. This is customer’s first visit to Cyberion repairs and stated he was referred by his CEO.
Consequently he found Cyberion repairs online while searching for batteries plus broken screen repair evaluation.

I speculate customer received a call from his companies CEO. And was offered a big office, executive position with top dollar salary and a company Ferrari for personal use. Customer was frying eggs at home making breakfast on his day off. After hearing the news he hung up his Galaxy
S8 and stood shocked with happiness. Then in a state of confusion placed his Galaxy S8 on the frying pan resulting in a broken screen.

Expert Tech. Khanh quoted the customer $329 and completed the Galaxy S8 broken screen repair within 51 minutes. Customer voted Cyberion as a top notch cellphone repair shop and left with a brand new looking Galaxy S8.

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