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iPhone 6s broken screen repair assessment - Cyberion

iPhone 6s broken screen repair assessment

Incoming iPhone 6s broken screen repair assessment is conducted by MasterTech Luxse. Screen is cracked in the left upper region with spider shape cracks. In addition it is not turning on and currently not charging and the rear camera lens is also broken.

Customer’s iPhone 6s doesn’t turn on even with a new charger or hard reset. Consequently Master Tech. Luxse Ky quoted the customer $ 34.99 for diagnostics and the remaining difference if his cracked screen repair results in his iPhone 6s turning on again.

I speculate customer was horseback riding during a trip to Oklahoma when accidentally he dropped it and a squirrel dragged it to the nearby tree before he could find it. 

Finally Customer voted Cyberion as top phone repair facility and was referred by the T-Mobile store”

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