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Sony Xperia A1 Ultra cracked screen assessment plus repair - Cyberion

Sony Xperia A1 Ultra cracked screen assessment plus repair

Device incoming is Sony Xperia A1 Ultra; white in color. In addition the rear camera does not appear to be cracked. it looks like front of display is cracked underneath the screen protector. The LCD itself, which is liquid crystal display, is starting to fail as well.

Furthermore the incoming charge current is 0.90 Amps. However the battery percentage is not visible right now because the display is blacked out. Charging indicator light is showing red therefore I believe that the battery percentage right now is about 30%.

 Moreover the SD card and memory card covers are present. In addition the charge port is sitting snuggly. Miss Ariba is pulling up the parts cost and labor; we will go ahead and estimate this about 1.5-2 hrs. repair.

Furthermore customer stated he dropped his device down a flight of stairs at Aerotek. Consequently his manager suggested Cyberion due to skilled and friendly employees. Customer booked an appointment @ www.mycyberion.com from 21150, Simpsonville, Howard, MD.

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