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Galaxy S6 Edge plus cracked screen repair analysis - Cyberion

Galaxy S6 Edge plus cracked screen repair analysis

Customer was shopping at Arundel Mills Mall when she ran into Cyberion repairs. And decided to walk in after noticing Master Tech. Luxse Ky working on 3 repairs and ringing up 2 customers while riding a Hoverboard. Customer was very impressed and decided to immediately walk in for her Galaxy S6 Edge plus cracked screen repair.

I speculate customer was spot jogging at her work cubical to relieve work stress. Her co worker was inspired by her and started doing the same at his work cubical. Soon after the entire floor of workers started spot jogging. After an epic 30 minutes of jogging she sat back in her chair and
realized her Galaxy S6 Edge vibrated off her table. And she had been stomping on it for the past 30 minutes leading to a severely cracked screen.

Surprisingly her boss told her about Cyberion repairs and she found us by searching batteries plus top reviewed cellphone repair shop near 21150 Simpsonville Howard MD

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