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iPhone 5S battery repair: 5954 - Cyberion

iPhone 5S battery repair: 5954

Incoming iPhone 5S batter repair analysis is performed by Expert Tech. Khanh. Furthermore customer stated her teenage daughter is a regular on her iPhone 5s and suspects caused the broken battery due to over use.

Interestingly her daughter found Cyberion repairs online while searching for batteries plus Master Tech. cellphone repair near me from 21144, Severn, Anne Arundel, MD.

 No complications were encountered during the repair. The internal components of customer’s iPhone 5s were relatively free of moisture and dust with exception of a slightly swollen battery.

Customer left Cyberion with a 5 star review online and promised to recommend Cyberion repairs to all her friends and family.

Cyberion Severn can also be found by searching Severn cellphone repair near me

iPhone 5S battery repair
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