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Galaxy S9 broken screen repair evaluation - Cyberion

Galaxy S9 broken screen repair evaluation

Incoming Galaxy S9 broken screen repair evaluation was diligently executed by Expert Tech. Khanh

Looking at the broken screen pattern I speculate customer was tossing her Galaxy S9 from one hand to another. When suddenly her mother called her name and customer turned her head to answer the call. Consequently she flipped her Galaxy S9 out the window on to a tree, then face down on the concrete road. Unfortunately a school bus full of kids stopped right next to it and unloaded all the kids on to the Galaxy S9. After an unbelievable series of events her Galaxy S9 was successfully retrieved
with a broken screen.

Customer’s Aunt referred her to Cyberion repairs. And helped her book an appointment online at www.mycyberion.com from 21144 Severn Anne Arundel MD

If you need your Samsung repaired. Contact us today!
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