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iPhone 8 plus broken screen repair: 7854 - Cyberion

iPhone 8 plus broken screen repair: 7854

Incoming iPhone 8 plus broken screen repair is conducted by Expert Tech. Khanh. Customer is having a cracked screen in the upper left hand quadrant with a fragmentation on top of the front camera region. I speculate customer is a lawyer by day and a crime fighting vigilante by night and used his iPhone 8 plus to stop a bullet.

Customer’s neighbor referred him over to Cyberion from 21113, Odenton, Anne Arundel, MD. Expert Tech. Khanh advised the customer to replace both his broken screen and broken LCD since the damage has gone past the cracked screen to involve the LCD as well. Finally price quoted was $119.99 and repair completed in 27 minutes with successful results.

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iPhone 8 plus broken screen

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