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iPad Mini cracked screen repair assessment - Cyberion

iPad Mini cracked screen repair assessment

Customer’s iPad Mini 1 cracked screen repair assessment was conducted by Expert Tech. Khanh. His 10 years of repair reflexes are Ninja fast. Anything customers throw at him will bounce back completely repaired at lightning speed with satisfaction guaranteed.

I speculate customer was preparing to take an exam for his college scholarship. When he got very nervous and started felling sweaty and dizzy. Consequently his iPad slipped out of his sweaty palms and fell to the ground. Shortly there after he also fell to the ground. And accidentally banged his head on the iPad resulting in a cracked screen.

Interestingly his Dean told him about Cyberion repairs and he found us online while searching for batteries plus iPad screen repair near me from 21113 Odenton Anne Arundel MD.

If you need your iPad repaired. Contact us today!
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