Galaxy Note 8 cracked screen assessment plus repair

Device incoming for assessment and repair is Galaxy Note 8 ; Black in color. Furthermore it is taking an incoming charge current of 1.0 Amps. Moreover device looks like it needs a cracked screen repair indicated by the fracture in the left lower quadrant radiating to the rest of the screen in spider formation.

In addition the digitizer does appear to be functional across a random 3- point regional test. Power button, Bixby button, volume up and volume down button all appear to be functional. No other functions and features can be tested right now.

Rear camera and back side do not appear to be cracked. Therefore the only thing that is dysfunctional is the cosmetic cracked screen. This is an AT&T device with approximately about 5 bars of reception right now. Finally I will go ahead and ask Mr. Shane to pull up the price quote for customer’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cracked screen repair.

Furthermore customer stated his dog bit his device while he was watching funny cat videos on YouTube. Consequently his neighbor recommended Cyberion due to fast repair by knowledgeable employees. And helped him book an appointment online at from 21113, Odenton, Anne Arundel, MD.

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