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iPhone 11 Broken screen repair assessment - Cyberion

iPhone 11 Broken screen repair assessment

Incoming iPhone 11 broken screen repair diagnostics was executed by Expert Tech. Khanh with over 10 years of repair experience

I speculate customer was doing grocery shopping at Costco when she tried to reach for the Pickle jar on the top rack. Customer stepped on the kart to get a little elevation. When she finally reached the Jar she slipped off the kart and fell. During the fall her phone slipped out of her hand and the jar fell on top of her iPhone 11.

The friendly Costco employee told customer about Cyberion repairs. And she found us while searching for batteries plus Reputable cellphone repair shops near me from 21108 Millersville Anne Arundel MD.

If you need your iPhone repaired. Contact us today!
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