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LG G5 cracked screen repair evaluation - Cyberion

LG G5 cracked screen repair evaluation

This is customer’s first visit to Cyberion repairs for his LG G5 cracked screen repair assessment. Furthermore customer stated his father told him about Cyberion repairs. After having a positive experience for his cracked screen repair at Cyberion repairs.

I speculate customer works as a stunt man. And during his recent stunt he was doing a high speed chase which got side tracked and his car rolled 5 time before falling off a hill. Finally his car caught fire and blew up. Customer walked away with minor bruises and a cracked screen on his LG G5.

Interestingly the movie director told him about Cyberion repairs and he found us while searching for batteries plus High ranking cellphone screen repair near me from 21090 Linthicum Heights Anne Arundel MD.

If you need your LG repaired. Contact us today!
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