iPhone 6s plus severely damaged screen repair

Incoming device is iPhone 6s plus; grey in color. In addition the model designation is A1687, this is a T-Mobile LTE device. Moreover device is coming in for a repair on the screen.

There is a little bit of screen burning, multiple line with multiple colors are forming on the screen. Furthermore the home button has also failed on this device. Therefore we have quote a repair price of $99 dollars and it is going to take approximately 30-45 minutes.

In addition customers device is showing spotting and fragmentation in the lower region. Screen is starting to black out therefore it is a strong indicator that the liquid crystal display is starting to fail.

Upon opening the device we see that the moisture indicator has been set off in the upper portion. Therefore upper portion of the device has been exposed to moisture at one point or another. There is also excessive dust built up in the lower portion.

However we haven’t tested any other features and functions just yet just because the display and touch sensor has failed on it. Device is currently is disabled mode that is visible from the partially visible screen. This is a T-Mobile device with about four bars of reception.

Furthermore customer stated he accidentally spilled sulfuric acid on his iPhone 6s plus in the chemistry lab. Consequently he arrived at Cyberion from 21090, Linthicum Heights, Anne Arundel, MD based on his lab teacher’s high recommendation for Cyberion repairs.

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iPhone 6s plus severely cracked screen.
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iPhone 6s fractured screen assessment plus repair

Device incoming is iPhone 6s and model designation is A1688 and the last four of IC number  946A. In addition device is taking an incoming charge current of 1.10 Amps and the battery level is at 87 %.

Furthermore there are small cracks forming in the upper left hand corner radiating in a spider pattern formation to the rest of the screen. Home button and touch ID does appear to be functional.

Moreover the volume up, volume down, volume rocker and power button all have positive tactile feedback. The touch sensor appear s to be functional across a random regional 6-point test.

The front and rear cameras are both functional. Let’s test the video feature Ok! it looks like it is recording. However the audio is on the low side, it might be due to blockage. Finally there is no service on the phone because the sim card is missing.

Furthermore customer stated he accidentally ran over his iPhone 6s with his bicycle during his routine cardio workout. Therefore his training partner referred him over to Cyberion from 21090, Linthicum Heights, Anne Arundel, MD due to fast repairs by skilled employees.

iPhone 6s cracked screen
If you need your iPhone repaired, contact us today!
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