Google Pixel 2 XL damaged LCD assessment plus repair

Incoming device is Google Pixel 2 XL; white and black in color. Furthermore device has a few cracks forming on the right hand region of the device. In addition the rear camera does not appear to be cracked and the rear button does appear to be responsive.

Moreover the charge port is fitting snug and secure. As a result device is taking an incoming charge current of 1.50 Amps and the battery level is approximately 41 %.

This is a Cricket LTE device with approximately 4 out of 5 bars of reception. Digitizer and LCD look like they are functional. We are going to service and replace the entire front LCD assembly and estimate of one hour labor. Customer has already paid for the parts and anticipate it will arrive in 2-3 business days.

Furthermore customer states he was taking pictures with his selfie stick when his device fell face down and blacked out. Consequently his son searched online for Top ranking cellphone repair near 21076 Hanover, Anne Arundel, MD and booked an appointment at

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