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iPhone 11 Cracked screen repair evaluation - Cyberion

iPhone 11 Cracked screen repair evaluation

Incoming iPhone 11 cracked screen repair evaluation was performed Associate Tech. Christina.

I speculate customer was having dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings when his iPhone 11 slipped out of his saucy hands. Customer tried to catch his iPhone 11 mid air but it slipped out of his hands again. And landed across the room resulting in a cracked screen. Customer stated that buffalo wild wings delicious taste was totally worth the cracked screen on his iPhone 11.

Interestingly customer’s waitress told him about Cyberion repairs after noticing his iPhone 11 cracked screen. And customer found us online while
searching for Master Tech. cellphone repair shop near me from 21075 Elkridge Howard MD.

If you need your iPhone repaired. Contact us today!
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