OnePlus 5T broken screen repair

Device incoming is OnePlus 5T; Black in color. In addition it is taking an incoming charge current of 1.60 Amps. There is a small crack forming in the lower left hand quadrant and extends up to the right upper quadrant. Moreover device has a flexible screen protector on it.

Furthermore the power button and volume button are both responsive. Moreover the volume rocker also has positive tactile feedback. Battery level is about 72 % right now.

The Model designation is OnePlus A5010. In addition both rear cameras do not appear to have any visible cracks, charge port is sitting snug and headset jack does not appear to be obstructed.

Device is powered off right now therefore the only thing displaying right now is the battery level percentage going up. Finally we will go ahead and take a look at parts cost and issue a quote to the customer for parts and labor.

Furthermore customer stated he dropped his OnePlus 5T while running on the treadmill. Consequently his wife searched online for Reputable repairs near 21062 Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel, MD and booked an appointment online @

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