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Galaxy Note 8 cracked screen repair assessment - Cyberion

Galaxy Note 8 cracked screen repair assessment

I speculate customer was sitting on his patio when his 2 year old decided to throw his Galaxy Note 8 off board. Customer rushed down to grab his phone but he was a few seconds late. His wife had already run over his Galaxy Note 8 with the lawn Mower. Furthermore customer stated
he recently caused a cracked screen on his wife’s iPhone 11 and never got the chance to repair it.

Customer thinks she ran over his Galaxy Note 8 to get back at him for forgetting to repair her iPhone 11 cracked screen.

Interestingly a friend told customer about Cyberion repairs and he found us online while searching for batteries plus top ranking cellphone screen repair near me from 21062 Glen Burnie Anne Arundel MD.

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