iPad 5th generation broken LCD assessment plus repair

Incoming device is iPad 5th generation 2017; white in color. In addition the rear camera lens does not appear to be cracked. The front camera does not appear to be obstructed by any cracks either. 

Furthermore examination of the lower extremities reveals that the charging port is sitting snug. As a result allowing for an incoming charge current of 2.40 Amps. The headphone jack is round and the volume button, power button, home button are all functional.

The rear camera and front camera are both giving crisp and clear image. However at this time I am unable to test any other features due to the blacked out screen. Finally we will go ahead and take a look at parts cost and issue a quote to the customer.

Furthermore customer stated he dropped his iPad 5th generation down a flight of stairs at the Holiday Inn near 21061, Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel, MD.  Customer arrived at Cyberion after being the referred over by the hotel manager.

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iPad 5th generation broken screen
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