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iPhone 6 plus broken screen repair analysis - Cyberion

iPhone 6 plus broken screen repair analysis

Customer presented his iPhone 6 plus for broken charging port repair evaluation.

I speculate the distinct cracked screen pattern on customers iPhone 6 plus was caused when he visited Mc Donald’s. Customer accidentally slipped on some ketchup and fell to the ground with his food tray. Unfortunately his big Mac went flying in one direction, coke in another direction. And his iPhone 6 plus literally touched the ceiling and then fell face down.
Customer could not believe that a little ketchup could cause so much damage.

In addition customer stated that Mc Donald’s manager told him about Cyberion repairs and helped him book an appointment online from 21060 Glen Burnie Anne Arundel MD. And offered him a full refund on his meal and iPhone 6 plus cracked screen repair.

If you need your iPhone repaired. Contact us today!
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