iPhone 6s plus charge port debri extraction

Device incoming is iPhone 6s Plus; Silver in color. Plugging it into our electrical scanner it looks like it is having a hard time with the charge port. In addition the charge port appears to be obstructed. Moreover just inserting it in and gentle tug would release it from the charge port. The power button does show that it is functional.

Furthermore the volume up and volume down button does have positive tactile feedback. The home button also appears to be responding. The tempered glass screen protector is starting to show cracks near the home button region.

In addition the headset port appears to be round and not obstructed. However the charge port is definitely showing signs of obstruction. Hence I will go ahead and give a price quote for iPhone 6s plus charge port replacement and also charge port debri extraction. As a result customer will have an option to choose which route he would like to take.

Furthermore customer stated he is a carpenter and suspects all the debri from work place is responsible for his iPhone 6s plus symptoms. Consequently his son referred him over to Cyberion and helped book an appointment online at www.mycyberion.com from 21044, Columbia, Howard, MD.

Cyberion Columbia can also be found by searching Columbia cellphone repair near me.

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iPhone 6s plus battery replacement

incoming device is iPhone 6s plus; Rose gold in color. IN addition the front side has fractures all over its surface and fragmentation in the upper left hand corner.  Furthermore customer is coming in to replace her battery for $ 49.99.

However I also wanted to point out to her that her device is not registering on our electrical scanner. Hence there could be a charge port issue. I will go in there and run quick test to confirm if the charge port has failed as well. As a result help get her phone to power up again.

Furthermore customer stated symptoms started one week earlier after she spilled a cup of coffee near her charging port. Therefore she searched online for top rated iPhone repair stores near Maryland Live Casino and found Cyberion.

If you need your iPhone repaired, contact us today!
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