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Can Phone Doctor handle two phones at the sametime? - Cyberion

Can Phone Doctor handle two phones at the sametime?

Customer booked an appointment online for his iPhone XR cracked screen repair and arrived at Phone Doctor from Middletown, Frederick, MD 21769.

I speculate customer’s 2 year old was watching YouTube on his iPhone. When the iPhone ran out of battery and died. His 2 year old became very upset and threw his iPhone off the chair. Interestngly his iPhone landed on his wifes phone resulting in 2 iPhone XR cracked screen repair.

Customer’s wife works at Cafe Rio Mexican Grill and told him about Phone Doctor now powered by Cyberion Reparis. He voted us a 5 star cellphone repair facility for reviving both the iPhone XR cracked screen repair back to good health within 37 minutes. And keeping his phone in healthy condition even during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you need your iPhone repaired. Contact Phone Doctor Frederick today!

Book an appointment over the phone by calling 888-724-9595. Or arrive as a walk in at Buckeystown pike #170, Frederick, MD.

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