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iPhone XR fractured screen repair - Cyberion

iPhone XR fractured screen repair

Customer arrived at Phone Doctor for his iPhone XR broken screen repair. After reading “How to protect you and your iPhone from Coronvirus” blog @ www.mycyberion.com

I speculate customer was out grocery shopping to stock up on supplies. When he rushed through the shopping while following safety precautions against coronavirus and arrived home safely. Then victoriously threw his grocery on top of his coffee table before sitting down. A few minues later his girlfriend came looking for her iPhone XR. And found it sitting under all the grocery bags with a cracked screen. Customer accidentally placed the grocery bags on top of her iPhone resulting in her iPhone XR fractured screen repair.

Customers coworker at Mariachi Restaurant, frederick MD told him about Phone Doctor. And he found us online while searching for batteries plus Top rated cellphone repair shop near me.

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