iPhone 11 cracked screen repair

Incoming iPhone 11 cracked screen repair was diligently executed by Master Tech. Luxse Ky within 21 minutes. And discharged to the customer looking and working like brand new.

I speculate customer was running high fever, coughing and sneezing. She knew it was common cold however her friend who is a Nurse convinced her it was Coronavirus. Customer went to the Hospital and got a thorough check up and was relieved it was simply common cold. On the way back from the Hospital she stopped by Phone Doctor to get her iPhone 11 checked for Coronavirus and resolve her iPhone 11 cracked screen repair.

Customer is a Regular at Cyberion Repairs. And booked an appointment @ Phone Doctor now featured by Cyberion Repairs & Master Tech. Luxse Ky.

If you need your iPhone repaired. Contact Phone Doctor Fredrick today!
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