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Motorola G7 cracked screen repair evaluation - Cyberion

Motorola G7 cracked screen repair evaluation

Incoming Motorola G7 broken screen repair evaluation is executed by Master Tech. Luxse Ky.

Furthermore customer stated he placed his Motorola G7 on top of his car roof during a Funeral. And forgot about his Motorola G7 since it blended with the sunroof. When customer realized he did not have his Motorola G7 on him he was able to find out where it was through “find my phone”. And Picked it up on the side of the road after day where it sat illuminating with a cracked screen.

In addition customer stated his son found Cyberion repairs online and booked an appointment for his Motorola G7 cracked screen repair @ www.mycyberion.com. And arrived from 20794 Jessup Howard MD.

If you need your Motorola device repaired, contact us today
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