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ZTE Blade Max broken power button repair assessment - Cyberion

ZTE Blade Max broken power button repair assessment

Incoming phone broken screen repair assessment is conducted by Expert Tech. Khanh

I speculate customer was baking cake when she stepped away for a few seconds. Her kids placed her ZTE Max blade into the cake mix. Unknowingly she put the cake mix along with the ZTE Max Blade inside the oven. After 30 minutes of looking for her phone she removed her finished caked from the oven and found it ringing inside the cake. Interestingly the phone did no melt and only suffered a broken power button.

In addition customer stated his co worker told him about Cyberion repairs after having a positive broken screen repair experience with us. And he found us online while searching for fast cellphone repair facility near 20726 Laurel Prince Gorges, MD.

If you need your ZTE repaired. Contact us today!
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