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iPhone 7 plus cracked screen repair - Cyberion

iPhone 7 plus cracked screen repair

Customer was shopping at Arundel Mills Mall when she noticed Cyberion repairs is a brightly lit store and a popular spot for customer’s wanting iPhone cracked screen repairs.

Looking at customer’s unique iPhone 7 plus cracked screen pattern. I speculate customer was applying face mask at night. When her iPhone 7 plus slipped from her hand and landed right on top of her little toe. The pain was unbearable and she reacted by kicking her iPhone against the wall. Few seconds later when the pain subsided and she went to pick her iPhone 7 plus with cracked screen.

Expert Tech. Khanh successfully completed the repair within 25 minutes leading to full recovery of customer’s phone cracked screen repair.

If you need your iPhone repaired. Contact us today!
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